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The new VariaPro Rail cable gland from HUMMEL AG meets all the requirements for use in rail transport. It has successfully passed the tests of the fire protection standards DIN EN 45545-2 and 45545-3. This means that the VariaPro Rail can be used without restriction in all trains on the European rail network.

Fire protection is of the utmost importance in railway technology. All components and materials used must prevent the spread of fire for as long as possible. With metal cable glands, it is the plastic inserts that are especially scrutinised by testers. In case of fire, the gland must withstand the flames for at least 15 minutes (= fire resistance class E15). The VariaPro Rail defied the flames for even longer.

HUMMEL AG uses sealing inserts made of EPDM for their cable glands for rail technology. Therefore, they can be used without hesitation in temperature ranges between -40⁰ and +100⁰ Celsius. Also in terms of leak tightness the new gland impresses with an IP 68 degree of protection up to 10 bar.

The slim structure of the VariaPro is striking. It thereby meets the requirements for space saving installation. Added to this is the ease of installation of the cable gland, in which the EMC connection is already integrated as standard. The housing is made of nickel plated brass. The new rail cable gland is available in four sizes M20, M25, M32 and M40. Thanks to the intelligent combination of sealing inserts and reducers, VariaPro Rail can accommodate cables of diameters from 7 to 32 millimetres.

VariaPro Rail, the cable gland for railway technology, is part of the new VariaPro product family. Behind this is a modular concept of a whole range of cable glands for special applications. With the VariaPro cable glands, HUMMEL AG is addressing demanding markets with special applications. In addition to the VariaPro Rail, there are variants for use in high temperature and extreme low temperature applications.